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Sleep Problems after Concussion and Brain Injury

Sleep Problems after Concussion

Sleep problems after concussion are another poorly understood, but absolutely central problem after brain injury. As serious of a problem as overattending fatigue can be, if the injured person doesn’t start the day refreshed, it can be debilitating.

Drug Therapy

Sleep problems after concussion is one of the areas that we believe active intervention with respect to drug therapies can have a material impact on recovery. To specifically discuss drug therapies for sleep problems after concussion is far beyond the intended scope of this page, but consideration of sleep issues by your treating medical professionals, and an active drug regime to improve restful sleep is considered critical. Lack of sleep will definitely cause the survivor of brain injury more problems with some of the other deficits they may exhibit.

The Need For Rest

Rest is also considered important during the day. Certainly, at the beginning, work and other stressful activities should be undertaken in small bites. Depending on the degree of problems with over-attending fatigue, the injured person may want to make efforts to accommodate some type of nap period during their work day. While such accommodation requires a sympathetic employer, the obvious advantages of renewed energy, can be touted to allow for this option.

If a nap isn’t practical or necessary, some sort of quiet breaks, with less attentional and processing speed demands, should certainly be considered.  Taking breaks where their attention isn’t focused on anything stressful or focused on anything at all can be quite helpful  Every ones brain needs a break and especially if you suffer from traumatic brain injury. Getting away from outside distractions is also important.  Brain injured individuals often have difficulties concentrating and the removal of outside distractions can ease the frustrations. But most important, dealing with sleep issues should ease the problems with fatigue.