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Second TBI – Risk of Subsequent Brain Injury

Second TBI – The Risk of Subsequent Brain Injury

Once someone suffers a traumatic brain injury they are at much more of a risk to suffer a second TBI.  This could be for several reasons but the main one we will mention is balance problems.  The patient may have some real issues with balance and dizziness as one of their brain injury deficits. Other deficits that could be a danger to a brain injured individual are as follows:

We Know Two Things:

  • Risk of Second TBISecond TBI Is Much Worse
  • Every Symptom of Brain Injury Drastically Increases the Risk of Injury

Deficits that can be an issue:

  • Balance Problems;  The survivor of brain injury may have some real issues with balance and dizziness as one of their brain injury deficits.  In comes to reason then that they are at a much higher risk of falling and hitting their head than someone without balance problems.
  • Attention/Concentration Problems Attention and concentration problems become an issue because of the their awareness of their surrounding.  If someone is not paying attention to their surroundings they are at a higher risk for injury and second TBI.
  • Seizures; In the event that the survivor suffers a seizure they could harm themselves and cause a second TBI.
  • Frustration/Temper: Survivors can loose sight of situations that can cuase them harm because of emotional issues and be susceptible to a second TBI.
  • Disinhibition; May be susceptible to doing dangerous things that they would not have done before which makes them susceptible to a second TBI.
  • Alcohol Intolerance; Alcohol could have a much stronger effect on a survivor of brain injury than it did before their accident.  If the person is not aware of this and takes precautions they could easily become intoxicated and in turn be susceptible to accidents that may cause a second TBI.
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