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‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Triggers Seizures In Some Moviegoers

Several moviegoers are claiming that watching the birth scene in the vampire mega-hit “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Park 1” caused them to have seizures.

The incidents, which have been widely reported in the media, don’t relate to any of the gore of the scene where Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, is giving birth to a vampire baby sired by her bloodsucker husband Edward, played by Robert Pattinson. 

The scene is accompanied by red, white and black strobe lights that flash on the screen, and those special effects are believed to be the culprit in the seizures.

In one case Brandon Gephart of Roseville, Calif., had to be rushed to the hospital after watching the birth scene. Gephart’s girlfriend later told a local TV station that he had convulsing and having trouble breathing.

And there was a second case where a man in Salt Lake City, Utah, told ABC News that he blacked out during the birth scene.

In the most recent case reported, right after Thanksgiving, Tina Goss in Oregon became ill and had to go to the hospital while watching the vampire flick.–134543193.html

Medical experts are saying that the strobe lighting in the movie may be triggering episodes of photosensitive epilepsy. The lights have a negative impact on the brains of some people, prompting the terrible reactions.

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