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Singer Jimmy Buffett Cancels Concert After Sustaining A Concussion From Stage Fall

After singer Jimmy Buffett fell off a stage during a concert in Sydney, one pundit joked that “maybe he blew out a flipflop,” referring to Buffett’s hit “Margaritaville.” But the accident is no laughing matter.

Buffett, 64, appeared to just walk off the front of the stage, falling head first into the crowd at the Hordern Pavillion Wednesday. One account said that Buffett had been blinded by a spotlight that a lighting person had put on him, and fell.

When he fell Buffett’s head hit a piece of metal and then he cracked his head on the venue’s floor. Witnesses said that he had a huge cut on his forehead, and that he was unconscious for five to 10 minutes before paramedics came. That means Buffett sustained a concussion.

At first it appeared that Buffett, or his management, wasn’t taking his concussion very seriously.

On Wednesday his website said, “As you probably already know, Jimmy had an accident while performing in Sydney last night and was taken to the hospital. The doctors say he is doing well and will be released tomorrow. More info as we get it, and thank you for all of your well-wishes!”

But the site posted a new update Thursday.

“Jimmy was scheduled to perform at the Auckland Viaduct on Te Wero Island this Saturday night but unfortunately, he will be cancelling the New Zealand show to allow himself time to recover from his injuriesm” the site said. “Jimmy would like to thank all of his fans for their support, and wants them all to know that he will return.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t return too soon. He needs adequate time to recover from his concussion.

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