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Another NFL Vet, Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Turner, Has Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Here’s another man’s life that’s about to be ruined as his reward for a career in pro-football: that of former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Kevin Turner. 

Turner, who retired from pro football when he was 31 in 2000, has been diagnosed as having ALS, so-called Lou Gehrig’s  disease.

Turner left football because of problems he had with his spinal column.  When Turner retired his doctors told him that he had the spinal column of a 65-year-old — at age 31!

But now Turner faces another health issue, the problem that the National Football League has been called on the carpet to address: permanent brain injury and disease that players sustain from repeated concussions.  

In terms of developing ALS, Turner has a lot of company. He is the 14th former National Football League player found to have ALS since 1960,  according to The Boston Globe, which is a higher rate than the disease occurs in most men.

Retired NFL players have also been developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia at far higher rates than the general population. There is research going on right now on the issue, studies that include autopsies being performed on the bodies of ex-NFL players.

In light of a recent study, I wonder if  Turner was diagnosed correctly. Research released last week found that athletes that have been diagnosed as having Lou Gehrig’s disease, including Lou Gehrig, may actually have had a condition that is very similar to that malady but is in fact different.

In any event, Turner has serious brain-related problems, whether they are actually Lou Gehrig’s disease or something similar.

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