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House Committee Sets May 24 New York Hearing On Concussions

The House Judiciary Committee has set a May 24 hearing in New York to get information on concussions and other brain trauma in football.

 So far the committee has held three events on brain injury and the National Football League, kicking off with an Oct. 28 hearing that focused on the league’s mishandling of concussions. After that session in Washington, D.C., the NFL revamped some of its policies and two top officials resigned from its concussion committee.

 The New York event will be held at the U.S. Custom House in Manhattan.

 The gathering is being conducted not far from the congressional district of Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, who blasted the NFL at the Oct. 28 hearing, charging that the league’s research on the long-term impact of concussions on retired players “is stacked.”


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