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Injured Running Backs Are Damaged Goods To NFL

National Football League scouts are concerned about the injuries, including concussions, that prospective running backs have received, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

 Writer Bob McGinn – perhaps tongue in cheek, perhaps not – writes, “Across draft boards across the National Football League, the big ‘X’ used to denote injury risk is so widespread that decisions on running backs probably will be made more by the medical staff than the football people.”

 As he puts it, running backs enter the NFL as “damaged goods.”

 McGinn then had football experts, scouts, rank their picks for NFL running backs.

 The top pick, C.J. Spiller, missed one game in four years but “played through turf toe” in 2009, McGinn wrote.

 Jahvid Best was out eight games, and ended the season with concussions he sustained in back-to-back games.

 Toby Gerhart had a torn knee ligament, and also sat out a game due to a concussion.

 Dexter McCluster was out six games with a concussion in 2006.

 It’s a grim picture, as McGinn writes

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