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Missouri May Pass Student Concussion Law

Missouri is the latest state to be weighing legislation that would keep young athletes off the field if they appear to have sustained a concussion.

The proposed law mandates that athletes can only return to play after they are examined by a licensed medical professional and then give written permission to come back.

The concussion bill before the Missouri House is being sponsored by Rep. Don Calloway, although some of his fellow lawmakers don’t think his proposal goes far enough.

Rep. James Morris told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he wants the final law to be stricter. He is especially concerned about the issue because Morris witnessed his own son being knocked unconscious during a football practice. Morris insisted that his son be taken to the hospital.

More than 20 states are considering legislation to set stricter rules to bench athletes when they sustain head injuries. Several of those bills, including Missouri’s, are similar to a Washington law that was passed after Zachary Lystedt, 13, sustained traumatic brain injury at a junior high school game.

Missouri’s high school athletic organization is also preparing to take steps regarding head injuries, by instituting new rules regarding concussions.

According to the Dispatch, high school athletes who have symptoms of concussions will not be allowed to return to play the same day they are hurt, even if they don’t lose consciousness.

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