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Concussion Resources and Brain Injury Resources

Concussion Resources and Brain Injury Resources

I have compiled a  list of concussion resources that are also considered brain injury resources.  These are filled with informative material.

People Pages

Life with TBI. Concussion Resource-filled site that focuses on surviving traumatic brain injury. Dan Windheim shares his own story of TBI.


Neuropsychology Central. A comprehensive World Wide Web directory listing devoted exclusively to the subject of human neuropsychology.

Rehabilitation and Adjustment

Avonlea Care Center. Avonlea Care Center is a specialized care home for survivors of severe traumatic brain injury, located in British Columbia, Canada. They provide a long term program for brain injured adults.

Brain Book. The BRAIN BOOK® System is a unique educational program using the BRAIN BOOK®, a customized life manager/day planner specially designed to meet the complex needs of persons with brain injury.

Centre For Neuro Skills. One of the more comprehensive TBI pages on the Web, including a glossary. CNS offers rehabilitation programs for individuals suffering from all types of brain injury.

National Aphasia Association. A nonprofit organization that promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Improving the lives of people who have communication disorders.

Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. The mission of the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation is to conduct research, provide education and develop programs to improve the quality of life of persons who experience traumatic brain injury.

Triangle Aphasia Project. Our mission is to serve individuals with aphasia, their families, and the community through innovative life participation approaches that maximize communicative potential and reduce barriers to social reengagement.

Medical Information

Anatomy Atlas. Atlas of human anatomy: A digital library of anatomy information.

Brain Map. An article describing some of the common effects of damage to specific areas of the brain.

Drug3K. Prescription Drug Information for Consumers.

Heads Up Facts for Physicians about Traumatic Brain Injury The CDC, working with a number of partners, has developed a new physician tool kit to improve clinical diagnosis and management of MTBI.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Resources, statistics and educational materials from the CDC.

The Whole Brain Atlas. Tremendous brain atlas, visuals are terrific, the depth is superb. From Harvard, and it is worthy of Harvard. This is the web at its best; very technical but you can learn at your own pace, through text and visuals.

Medical Industry Supplier Registry. Manual compilation of medical suppliers enabling buyers to easily source manufacturers of medical equipment for cardiology, general surgery, urology and more. Site includes new projects, free magazines, jobs, news and events.


For a listing of the state affiliates of the Brain Injury Association, click here:

Disability Sites

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitive Services. OSERS provides a wide array of supports to parents and individuals, school districts and states in three main areas: special education, vocational rehabilitation and research.

Victimization of Persons with TBI is a fact sheet for professionals – describes an overview of the forms of victimization that can occur since individuals with disabilities are at increased risk for abuse.


Brain A Journal of Neurology. Oxford University Press journals.

Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisoning. Information about lead poisoning.


Full Discussion of Vestibular