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Merck’s Prospective Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promise, Company Claims

One can only cross one’s fingers and hope that Merck is really onto something with its new potential drug for Alzheimer’s disease.

In a press briefing last week, the New Jersey-based pharmaceutical giant updated the media on some of its early test results regarding what is now called MK-8931, according to The Star-Ledger of Newark.

 This potential drug inhibits the creation of the enzymes that lead up to “the build-up of amyloid plaque, a trademark of the irreversible, degenerative disease,” according to The Ledger story published Friday.

“What makes it different, researchers explained, was the way it targets the so-called BACE enzyme to stop the accumulation of amyloid plaque,”  The Ledger wrote of MK-8931.

Merck has identified Alzheimer’s drugs as a priority, but it is a risky one, as The Ledger pointed out.

Right now there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, which has become the Baby Boomer generation’s worst nightmare. A number of drug makers have spent a lot of R&D money  — to no avail — trying to find a drug that will combat this horrendous disease, which robs people of their dignity.

Whoever finds a drug that successfully treats Alzheimer’s will not only be preventing heartbreak for generations to come, it will be hitting the jackpot in terms of generating revenue and financial success.

In this particular case, if Merck’s new drug works it will be a Godsend for all, not just the company’s shareholders but the public.

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