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Teen’s Basketball Concussion Turns Her Into A Southpaw

Here’s another truth-is-stranger-than-fiction story about brain injury. 

A teenager in Washington state sustained a concussion during a basketball game, and wound up getting amnesia and becoming left-handed.

The case involves Mikayla Wilson, 14, of Spangle, Wash. She was knocked to the ground during a basketball game, but didn’t become unconscious or seem to suffer any head injury. Wilson played several more quarters, and then looked around at her teammates and asked her mother why the girls were dressed like her and looking at her, according to

A local hospital did a CT scan on Wilson and didn’t detect any bleeding or skull fractures, Doctors diagnosed the teen’s amnesia as a symptom of a concussion. 

Nearly a  month after her injury, Wilson is still having problems with her memory. She can’t remember friends’ names and couldn’t remember how to play the flute and saxophone.

But perhaps strangest of all, Wilson suddenly started writing with her left hand. She had been ambidextrous as a child.

But there is a bright spot to this story: Wilson’s memory about some things is beginning to return. 

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