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Ex-Washington Football Player Sues School District, Chiropractor Over Concussion-Related Brain Injuries

A former high school football player in Washington State is suing his old school district and a local chiropractic clinic for brain injuries he received in 2006.

Adrien Gault alleges in his lawsuit that the Sequim School District didn’t follow protocol by allowing him to come back and play football after sustaining multiple concussions, according to a story,,
from the Peninsula Daily News that KOMO-TV ran on its Web site.

Sequim Chiropractic Clinic owner Robert Bean and his wife were also named in the suit, which seeks unspecified damages. The lawsuit was filed in Clallam County Superior Court.

According to the story, Bean wasn’t qualified to clear Gault to resume playing football, which he did despite the fact that the young player had received multiple concussions, and had to be taken from the field on a stretcher in one instance.

When he was a senior for the Wolves high school team Oct. 20, 2006, Gault went into a coma on the sidelines shortly after he had collided with a teammate during warm-ups. He had suffered a subdural hematoma.

The suit charges that the school district knew that Gault had suffered numerous concussions prior to the Oct. 20 incident, according to the story.

Gault claims that he has problems stemming from his brain damage, including a memory lapses and headaches.

Brain injury and chiropractors should never mix.    No one suspected of a concussion should be seeing a chiropractor, not just because of something like this that could go wrong, but because of the risk of an artery dissection from neck manipulation.

3 thoughts on “Ex-Washington Football Player Sues School District, Chiropractor Over Concussion-Related Brain Injuries

  1. Robert

    Actually chiropractors are trained to not only recognise concussions but allso to diagnose them. And your statement about arterial dissection is way off base. Most studies show that you are no more likely to get an arterial dissection in a chiropractors office then you are a medical doctors office. Most studies also put the chance of that happening between 1 in every 1 million to 4 million cervical adjustments. If it was a common occurance Chiropractic malpractice insurance would be much more than around $1800 a year.

  2. Killian

    A chiropractor adjusted my wife’s neck in January 2010 and herniated one disc and caused two others to bulge. She now has an impingement on the left side causing a wide range of pain and discomfort from mild to very severe, not just in her neck and arm but her face and legs and more since the chiropractors adjustment. We are both worried about arterial dissection after she paid for getting an MRI and seeing the damage first hand.

    To Robert;
    I was in the room when he adjusted her. I heard the disc pop, i watched the chiropractors jaw drop as he let go of her head and stepped back as she screamed in pain…..

    Don’t be so naive, do a little more research than a quick glace of the first five sites that come up on google.

    I know it was posted on 1/27.

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