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Axonal Damage after Concussion: Examination of Axonal Damage

Axonal Damage after Concussion

Cells are Like Electrical Connections:

CircuitAxonal Damage after Concussion is like an electrical socket.  If something goes wrong in any type of circuit it will not work correctly.Axonal damage after concussion can be explained by comparing it to an electrical circuit and its functioning.  The diagram below demonstrates the similarity (although of course on a much different scale) of the structure and purpose of a brain cell and that of an electrical connection. The cell body is similar to the switch. The axon is similar to the wires that connect the switch to the light socket and the terminal end of the axon (the spot where the nerve impulse leaves one cell and enters another), is similar to the end of the wire that connects to the light socket.




Axons are Similar to Electrical Wires:

NeuronWiresThe axon is the part of the nerve cell that transmits the nerve impulse from one nerve cell to another, in a similar way that electrical impulse are transferred down a wire. Like a wire, if the axon is torn or broken, the nerve impulse will not be transmitted. And like a wire, axons may have insulation, which when it becomes damaged as a result of forces placed against the axon, may cause serious problems to the nerve cell, even if the axon is not actually torn.

All of this can be attributed to the incidence of traumatic brain injury.  With out all the parts working together in a normal capacity something is going to fall short.  It will all depend on the area of the brain that is effected by this damage for you to know what parts of the brain or body is not going to function or have deficits with its functioning.



Microscopic Damage to Axons